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Paper Flower Assembly Guide – Easy DIY Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers made with Aura paper flower Template

Now you can create your own beautiful paper flowers with this easy short how-to video! This guide was created specifically for my Aura paper petal template (available in my Etsy Shop here ) but can be easily applied on any other petals of your choice.


To create large paper flowers you will need:

  • Cardstock paper (the best to use would be that thicker type of paper that is 65Lb-90Lb). Can be found in craft stores/ craft sections.
  • Fast drying paper glue or even better – hot glue that is applied using hot glue gun.
  • Sharp Scissors! Cardstock paper is rather thick so using old ones will make the whole process harder and yield petals with frayed edges – not pretty!
  • Wooden dowel and/or bone folder, or pretty much just round marker – for shaping the petals.

Happy crafting!

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