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Easy DIY Paper Flowers – Paper Flower Assembly Guide

Aura Paper Flower

Paper Flower Assembly Guide - Easy DIY Paper Flowers for your event projects and home decor.

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Easy DIY Paper Flowers, quick assembly guide for your projects and backdrops, with video tutorial included. Make your own stunning backdrops and home decor!

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DIY Paper Flowers
Paper Flowers made with Aura paper flower Template

Now you can create your own beautiful paper flower backdrops with this easy short how-to video! This guide was created specifically for my Aura paper petal template (available in my Etsy Shop here ) but can be easily applied on any other petals of your choice.

Paper flowers are amazing, long lasting and versatile decoration that fits almost any event. They became very popular for bedroom, living room and nursery wall art.

This template is suitable for both beginners and more advanced crafters – don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different petal layouts!


To create large paper flowers you will need:

  • Petal template. (Aura petal template). PDF template is great for printing it out and tracing, while SVG is used with cutting machines.
  • Cardstock paper (the best to use would be that thicker type of paper that is 65Lb-90Lb). Can be found in craft stores/ craft sections. My favorite brand is Recollections
  • Fast drying paper glue or even better – hot glue that is applied using hot glue gun. I recommend the Surebonder for mini, and AdTech for full size glue sticks. Notice that their tips are long and thin for great precision.
  • Sharp Scissors! Cardstock paper is rather thick so using old ones will make the whole process harder and yield petals with frayed edges – not pretty!

Happy crafting!

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Paper Flower Petal Tutorial: Shaping with Bone Folder

paper roses


Hello, everyone! In this quick and easy paper flower petal tutorial I’ll show you how to use bone folder (aka paper creaser) to give your paper petals that smooth and beautiful curve. This is an amazing tool that I use for many flowers I make. Bone folder is pretty versatile and truly wonderful – everyone can learn how to use it. Cheers!

1. Bone folder on top 

I use it for shaping both large and small petals. However, for extra large petals I recommend using method N#3.

2. Bone folder behind the petal

Your thumb will slide along the petal – best used on smaller petals and petal stacks.

3. Placing the petal on flat surface

This method might seem a little bit tricky but it creates very smooth curves. Definitely usable on large petals when its hard to secure them with your thumb.

Visit this post to take a closer look on how to shape a petal without creases.

Bone folder is very useful not only for shaping paper petals but also for many other paper crafting related techniques – I will cover it in my upcoming articles.

Happy Crafting!

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